Perspectives on Miheleu

Playing football

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July 2014


Worship service at Miheleu Baptist Church July 2013

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Winter/Spring 2011

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A few picture from the village taken on 6 March 2011

Ulicioara facing the main road

Hoanca towards the Village Well (‘Fintana Satului’)

The Baptist Church (new building very few people and most of them in their ‘autumn’.

The Orthodox church – very well kept

A horse cart parked outside a house in the centre of the village, behind the old store.

The road from the centre of the village towards ‘grajduri’.

A view of the ‘grajduri, end of the village


Orthodox Church

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There are two churches in Miheleu: the Orthodox Church which is the traditional church in the village but the current building was erected in the 1920s and the Baptist Church which dates from the late 1890s early 1900s. A new church building was erected in 2005 (see earlier posts).

Miheleu Orthodox Church

Miheleu Orthodox Church

The roads

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The roads to the village are very bad by any standard. Part of the road towards the village was partially tarmacked up to 1 kilometre from the village, but the tarmac is now washed away giving way to large potholes.

Miheleu RoadMileleu road

the road in the village is a dirt roadMiheleu road

Miheleu dirt road

People of Miheleu

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Photos of people from Miheleu

Baciu Aron

Aronea (R.I.P) July 2008


Lica July 2008 (RIP)


Bringing home the harvest July 2008

People at worship in Miheleu Church 29 Aug 2007

People at worship Baptist Church July 2007

Plucked Geese

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It is hard to be a goose in Romania – they are plucked twice a year for their valuable feathers. No anaesthetic is involved in the process. In many villages the feathers quilts were seen as valuable commodities. The more you had in your house the better off you were.

Plucked geese

plucked goose

geese in MiheleuPhotos taken July 2008

The centre of the village

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Miheleu main streetThe centre of the village from outside the Baptist church

Miheleu Orthodox churchThe Orthodox Church as seen from outside the Baptist Church.

Miheleu chcken escapeChicken’s escape – just across the old shop


The house in the middle of the village

Photos taken in July 2008

The Local Shop

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Miheleu bold

Miheleu shop

This is the local shop build in the 1970s which is now empty. The photos were taken in July 2008 with the then shop Manager/owner Aurica. In 2009 a new shop was opened. Photos to come.

Baptist church

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The new building was finalised in 2006 and had a grand opening. It took about five years to complete. The financial and work burden was too much for the small and older membership. Donations were received from many benefactors. Some of the sons and daughters of the church living now abroad, in particular in USA were very generous. That is one of the reasons that the Romanian and USA flags are displayed side by side in the church.

Slavic Gospel association also helped with the building. This picture is on the SGA website and it was taken soon after the church opening.

More photos of the church can be found on Nelu’s blog, a native of Miheleu.

The new Church in 2008

Miheleu Baptist Church in 2008